During summer afternoons or evenings, a refreshing dessert is a good idea to enjoy with family and friends.
I suggest this easy and quick tiramisu recipe.



  • Prepare the coffee in advance and let it cool down.
  • Separate the egg yolks from the whites.
  • Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until it whitens then add the mascarpone cheese to the mixture.
  • Beat the eggs whites until stiff. You can add a pinch of salt or some baking soda.
  • In a large bowl, mix the mascarpone mixture with the egg whites delicately.
  • Soak the ladyfingers, one by one, in the coffee and place them in a mold of your choice.
  • Put the creamy mixture between layers.
  • The final layer should be a cream layer that you cover with cocoa powder.
  • Keep the tiramisu in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.