An easy homemade praline paste, to give a unique flavour to your french desserts.

For those of you passionate about French pastries, this is a “must know recipe”. It is a basic ingredient present in the recipe of several desserts, creams and chocolates. If you prefer to have a dark praline, roast the nuts without removing the skin. The praline lasts for months in a well closed pot, in the refrigerator.

The Praline paste


  • Roast the almonds and hazelnuts for 10 minutes in an oven set at 160°C.
  • In a large pan, mix water and sugar and bring to a boil.
  • After about 2 minutes of boiling, add the roasted nuts.
  • Mix well and gently until the nuts and well covered with sugar.
  • The mixture will turn white and hard. It’s part of the process
  • Keep stirring and mixing until the sugar melts again and turns to caramel.
  • When the nuts are well coated with caramel, remove from heat.
  • Spread immediately over a parchment paper and leave to completely cool.
  • Crush coarsely the caramelized nuts then mix in the mixer until smooth and creamy.
  • Your praline is ready. Put it in a well closed pot. It will keep for months in the refrigerator.

The Praline paste