Hi! I’m Nesrine Toujani. I am a Tunisian young woman living abroad. I recently moved from Saudi Arabia to settle down in Bristol, UK.

I am a mechanical engineer with a particular passion for cuisine and pastry.

Since I was a teenager, I have enjoyed spoiling others and myself with treats that I make at home. So why not share my culinary tips with other people?

This food blog is my personal collection of recipes that I enjoy cooking and eating. It’s a framework for sharing traditional Tunisian dishes that I inherited and try to make famous. It’s also a space to share with you my culinary tricks that I hope you’ll find helpful and interesting.

The idea of this food blog has been hibernating in the back of my head for several years and now, I am ready to start the experience. Weeks before the website launch in Feb, 2018, I had no idea how to code a website nor how to photoshoot food. I only had my tried recipes, a professional camera and my amazing husband. So we started the learning process together to make my wish become a reality. He has better programming skills than I do, so he designed the majority of the website. For the classy logo, it’s the creation of my beloved brother.

I aim to help people enjoy making their treats with a selection of sweet and savoury recipes. So follow me through the journey of homemade flavours and tastes.

مرحبا بكم في Treats Homemade